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Hydro-JetTM Formation Systems

Hydro-Jet Formation Specialties are exclusive patented systems available only from PSI and our affiliates!

Hydro-Jet CD Enhancement Foils
New! OSCI-FLO Power Formation Systems
CROSS X Multi-Bank
Hydro Formation Systems
Hydro-Jet CD Foils fitted with an OSCI-FLO Power Formation Unit.

OSCI-FLO Power Formation System features a hydraulic, speed adjustable, counter-oscillating drive unit to enhance fiber orientation qualities.

Hydro-Jet Foil on left and Cross X on right.

Pictured above is Cross X machining on the left and Hydro-Jet machining on the right. 

Front view of the Cross X CD Foil

Front top view of the Hydro-Jet Foil

Formation improvements are instant, utilizing CrossX Formation Systems!

PSI has designed a line of formation enhancement tools, from the CrossXTM Multi-Bank Formation System to our Hydro-JetTM Formation CD Foils, equipped with an oscillation unit that counter-oscillates each foil unit.  These systems were created to assist the papermaker produce a more consistent and better formed sheet, economically.

Hydro-JetTM CD Foils are another exclusive offering from PS
These Units provide cross direction fiber orientation without removing more water from the sheet.  This helps the entire table function at a higher level.

Example of a sheet using just 4 Hydro-Jet CD Foils