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Hydro-Flo Duplex Strainer Stations are designed for high-volume, larger particulate water straining.
  Engineered primarily for use in applications for the Hydro-Flo Deckle Edge Control Systems,
this system provides for the straining of large particulate (175 micron and up).
PSI offers station sizes from our Hydro-Flo 90 to our Hydro-Flo 480,
Hydro-Flo Strainer Systems integrate into any application where large particulate screening is required. 

Shown Right:

Hydro-Flo 240 Duplex
Strainer Station

with 3,920 sq inches of screen area
and strainer volume
capacity to 240 GPM

Easy Strainer maintenance with screw on SS reinforced strainers with up to 3,360 sq inches of screen area per side.
The Hydro-Flo 240 Strainer System provides excellent straining and filtering in an economical and easy-to-use package.

This system was specifically designed for use with our Hydro-Flo Edge Control Systems, but is an ideal system for any high volume application where reliability and compact size are preferred.
Hydro-Flo 240 Strainer System utilizes screw-on elements for easy maintenance.  The elements are cleanable and available from 30 to 200 mesh.  The 240 provides a circular, dual chamber unit for uninterrupted service.  The Hydro-Flo 240 features 2480 sq. in. of filter area per side. Total filter area of 4960 sq in.

The Hydro-Flo 240 is a highly effective and economical solution for better runnability.
Previous Models of the Hydro-Flo Strainer Stations
Shown below

Hydro-Flo 90 Dual Chamber Station for flow rates to 90gpm Heavy duty design to provide years of service.

Hydro-Flo 240 Water Straining Systems are in use in several closed systems and are out performing other systems of much greater size and cost.

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Side view Hydro-Flo 90 showing 250 micron elements-930 sq in of screen area per side!